About The Tool Squirrel

My name is Nigel and I have been involved within the tool industry since around 1993. Over the years I have bought and sold many thousands of tools but probably over done it on the buying side of things which is something I'm sure a lot of us can relate to! I feel that even though I have been doing this most of my working life I never stop learning about tools everyday and it's great when I come across items that are either very hard to find or are a curiousity to me, nearly every second hand used tool will have a history to it, if only they could talk! In a world now where it is common place to use a tool a few times and wear it down (doesn't take long!) these old tools really do last a lifetime and more, it never ceases to amaze me that the quality of old tools, the look, the touch and feel of them is a credit to the companies and individuals that made them.

Prior to selling any tool I will always try to make sure, that even though it is used it should still have many more years of use left, that being said I tend not to sharpen, set or hone any tool before sale, over the years I find customers like to sharpen and set tools their own way, this also gives the customer the first opportunity since it was last used to set it as they feel appropriate. If I think it needs it I will give a tool a clean but it is very important not to overclean tools, I will always look out for any sneaky welds or any light cracks in tools, any that do or I feel should not be put on sale will not make it onto the website, (and those that are listed as requiring restoration will clearly list the things that need attention, I will also be adding a bargain section where tools may have defects but this will be clearly shown and described) that way you can be assured that tools purchased from me are sold as good usable tools that have been checked over to make sure there are no major defects. 

I hope that you enjoy looking at this site, it is an on-going task to keep building up the stock on here but this will be done frequently so it is always good to keep an eye on new listings which will be added regularly.

Please keep an eye on the blog page, I often come across interesting items which I may not have for sale (yet!) but hopefully of interest to see.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many Thanks,